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Our Clinic
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Dental unit - Basic equipment of the clinic; dental clinic simply cannot exist without this furnishing. The equipment includes, among others: mechanical devices on sleeves (dental drills), lamp, and dental chair for the patient. Our clinic is equipped with modern unit produced by an Italian company – OMS. OMS STAFF from Padua is one of the best companies in Europe, producing dental units.

Dental microscope is a basic tool used in endodontics, microsurgery, implantology, aesthetic dentistry as well as periodontology. It was particularly fast adapted in root canal treatment, where it enables a precise and thorough inspection of the operative field in three dimensions, completely eliminating the risk of medical malpractice. This device provides the possibility to shorten the time of procedure, which is the basic condition for performing the treatment during one visit, and this is what patients often want. Our microscope was manufactured by Carl Zeiss Company (OPMI® pico Detal Series).

In 2004 Carl Zeiss Company was granted the award for:
   “Optical systems for portable photo and video cameras”.
   These systems are used f. ex. by SONY.
„The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy was recorded with the use
   of Carl Zeiss optics.
Mars Express space probe is equipped with Carl Zeiss optics.
Microscopes manufactured by Carl Zeiss Company were once again    awarded with an “Oscar for invention 2004”. Atomic Inferometer    produced by Carl Zeiss company was also granted the award.
The Carl Zeiss company is a leading producer of ophthalmic optics.

The Wand™ Plus - device for administering all kinds of local anaesthetics used in dentistry. This is an apparatus, where dosing the anaesthetics drug is controlled by the microprocessor control system. Why may the accumulation of the anaesthetic drug in The WandTM Plus be painless and comfortable for the patient? Because The WAND deposits the anaesthetic very slowly – it is controlled by microprocessor. Research studies have indicated a significant reduction of pain, fear and anxiety, which the patient experiences during the visit in the dental clinic using the The Wand™ technology (Hochman M — 1997; Krochlak M — 1998; Dulger — 2001). Authorities in the field of local anaesthesia used in dentistry, such as Kaufman, Malamed, Walton, Meechan, Lipp and Daublander also stated their opinions on the subject (in: Quintessence International, Journal of Aesthetic Dentistry, Journal of Periodontology).

QuickSleeper II is an innovative anaesthetic system enabling to administer endosteal anaesthesia, directly in the area of the root apex. Micro engine allows to perforate the compact lamina and to administer the anaesthetic drug within the area of the spongy substance. Due to the above it is possible to anaesthetize only the bone structure and the tooth/teeth without side effects in soft tissues (such as f. ex. oedema). Anaesthesia of a single tooth requires a smaller amount of anaesthetic drug.

E&Q Plus Wireless (endodontics – root canal treatment) is a modern, wireless, three-dimensional system for filling the root canal with the use of plastic gutta-percha. A comfortable and efficient endodontic device manufactured by Meta-Biomed Co. It is a compact, easy to use (or transport) and safe and wireless dosing system. The system offers a more precise and more predictable work results due to the use of digital technology. The obturation system using the gutta-percha was professionally designed and ensures comfortable use.

VisualiX eHD is a radiography system enabling to do X-Ray images without the use of plates. The image is displayed on the computer screen and the radiation dose, significantly smaller than the dosage used in conventional method. The system was developed by Gendex Company, a leading manufacturer of radiology equipment for dentistry, and aims at complete optimisation of positioning the sensor in the oral cavity. Due to the “drop” shape, the rounded corners and smooth edges are compatible with the anatomy of the patient, which facilitates its placement in the demanded position, improves the access and increases the comfort of the patient.

Aparat RTG X-Ray apparatus is an element, without which a modern dental clinic could not exist in the 21st century. It is essential for proper diagnosis in majority of cases. Its lack forces to direct patients to other clinics in order to perform and X-Ray examination. Our clinic is equipped with Gendex 765 DC apparatus, which is currently the safest and the most precise device on the market. GENDEX is a leading producer of radiological devices for dentistry (USA/Italy).

Endodontic micro engine and Endometer - Device, which is indispensable to perform endodontic treatment (root canal treatment). This complete equipment, forming a set, is used for appropriate processing of root canals. It enables mechanical processing of the canal, and it replaces the manual work (shortens the time and increases the quality), allows for precise (electronic) determination concerning the length of the root canal.
We use only the highest quality devices produced by the German company VDW (Endo IT control and Raypex 5).

BEYOND™ WHITENING ACCELERATOR - Whitening with the BEYOND system is enumerated among the most popular methods on the world. This procedure has been successfully performed on more than million patients. Our whitening lamp is equipped with the most technologically advanced filtering system available on the market. Due to the use of “cold light” the procedure is performed only once and causes no side effects. The results are by 30% better than in case of overlay whitening methods and definitely better than similar systems.

Polymerisation lamp
Lamp used to dental light-hardening fillings (inlays). It is necessary in case of using this type of fillings (most commonly used fillings) in permanent and deciduous teeth. We use the POLILED LED lamp, produced by FARO company.

Sandblasting device Device used to remove tartar and plaque. This device is indispensable in a clinic, which emphasises the dental aesthetics and provides complex patient care. We use the accurate device producer by the Japanese company - NSK Nakanishi INC. (sandblasting device Prochy-Mate).

Intra-oral camera + LCD Camera enables to show (in an enlarged version visible on the computer screen) the condition of the patient’s oral cavity, f. ex. before and after the treatment. Crucial in order to increase the awareness concerning the hygiene and significance related with the prophylaxis of the oral cavity.

Autoclave Apparatus used for sterilization of small medical equipment, necessary in every dental practice. It has all EU certificates and requirements of sanitary-epidemiology station. In our practice we use the newest achievement of the Italian FARO company (MOON Autoclave).

Autoclave welding Device used to pack tools after washing, before the process of sterilization in the autoclave. Requirements of sanitary-epidemiology stations precisely determine the process of packaging and tool sterilization.

Amalgam and glass ionomer shaker - Device mixing capsules with material used for amalgam and glass ionomer fillings. Necessary to introduce the above mentioned filling (the producer determines the number and time of vibrations essential to prepare the material). Our mixer is the Ultramat 2, produced in Austria by the SDI company.

Germicidal lamp - Generator of UV rays in order to decrease the amount of microbes in the clinic.

latest and most perfect massage chair ever created. Its innovative design was developed in cooperation with NASA. ZERO-GRAVITY position for perfect relaxation. Sanyo is the only chair in the world equipped with muscle stiffness sensors. More on website

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